Aberle Offroad's JK bumper:
AllAberle Off Road’s bumpers are cast from Aerospace Aluminum A356, they have been specially engineered to be pound for pound stronger than comparable steel bumpers. In addition, aluminum is and will always be, free of rust.These bumpers are stronger than the factory bumpers and are very comparable to the strength of aftermarket steel bumpers. We heat treat our bumpers to an A356-T6 classification. The bumper that we have available for the Jeep JK's weighs less than 65 lbs. – which is lighter than any steel bumper.
Aberle Off Road bumpers are easy to install plus easier on your vehicle! Not only does the lighter weight help you with installation, but the lighter weight also minimizes wear and tear on any lift and front end suspension. (ie...less wear and tear on shocks, springs, brakes, and steering linkages!)
The Jeep JK bumper has been designed to accommodate bolt on accessories such as a light bar or stinger! Aberle Off Road bumpers come standard with tow hooks made of
 958 bronze.By Eliminating the ‘D’ ring and having the bronze tow hooks in place, eliminates extra noise while driving and 4-wheeling.

Our stubby design was engineered to give you the best approach angle possible, while still protecting necessary components on the vehicle!
All bumpers are predrilled for all mounting hardware, fog lights, and winches! Also are predrilled and plugged for the optional winch hoop!
Designed to house the factory fog lights!
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